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Porsche Club of America's newest member feature is computer-based PC sim racing.

PCA Sim Racing is free to all registered PCA members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have no clue what I'm doing. Can you help me?
A. Yes. We have PCA members who have joined with no knowledge of sim racing, and some PCA members who are quite advanced. The questions we asked you to complete above help us to determine your starting point, but everyone is welcome!

Q. How much does PCA Sim Racing cost?
A. Joining PCA Sim Racing is a member benefit for all active PCA members, associate members, and Test Drive participants.

Q. What is cost of the software PCA Sim Racing uses?
A. At the current time, PCA Sim Racing uses the iRacing service for all of our events. iRacing has an annual subscription fee and beyond the basic starter set of several cars and race tracks, each additional car and track must be purchased.
Pricing is available here.

Q. Are there additional cars and tracks that need to be purchased?
A. You will want the four Porsche's we run that are available in iRacing and each track we use. Cars and tracks are a one time purchase for around $12-$15 USD. Some tracks are included, like Laguna Seca and Lime Rock, in the basic startup package for iRacing. So you can start out just purchasing a single Porsche from iRacing and use the "starter package" tracks to see how you like it.

Q. Will my computer work?
A. Very possibly. We have sim racers running very modest computers and laptops.

Q. I understand I cannot use my Macintosh or Xbox or Playstation console?
A. Correct. PCA Sim Racing at the current time is focused on PC race simulation.

Q. I need help with new equipment!
A. Read here:

Contact the author at if you have further equipment questions. We'll be glad to suggest!

Q. Do I have to have Discord or set-it-up if I don't already have it?
A. Yes. Discord software performs the function of traditional web-based forums where members create discussions on specific topics. We use the texting function to discuss events, communicate car setups, race series details, and do "bench racing". In addition, Discord has a voice and video component not unlike the business programs Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

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